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Teresa has been with the Mixon family for four and half years now. She started working in the shipping department, handling phone calls for orders of delicious citrus. Coming into Mixon’s as a girl of fashion, she brought a spunky, new image to the team. Her motto is: “Cooking and fashion, are my two passions”! Her bubbly personality brought a whole new light into the work environment, as she has been told, she is a light to others.

Teresa not only worked in the shipping department, but her personality also landed her in helping out with the Field Trips and the Birthday Parties we offer at Mixon’s, as well. She also learned how to make our famous Mixon Swirl Ice Cream cones. Teresa, as she is so energetic, (sitting at a desk, just isn’t her cup of tea) and there is plenty of running around to do in the department! Teresa also does a lot of wedding tours and assists the weddings, next to our coordinators! (A must have for your wedding day). Teresa is a girl that still smiles and has a good attitude no matter what may be going on. So be sure to schedule your tour, as it’s sure to be fun with Teresa as your guide, she will win you over with her smile and bubbly personality.


Always with an artistic flair, & bright smile David brings attention to detail, a positive energy, and fresh innovative ideas to every event. The greatest strength, among many, that he contributes to the Dream Team is bringing a creative vision and design to life coupled with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from FSU. David has an instant understanding of a theme, and takes it even further, continuously impressing clients and guests. He really enjoys events where the client trusts in the artistic approach to an idea, so the events are dripping with decor, detail and creativity which always makes the process that much more enriching.

With a background in costume design, for high school dance teams and color guards, David has always had an eye for fun and exciting new ideas & stands out among the crowd. His experience with The Pavilion started as a bartender. Brandy, the Director of Weddings and Event saw potential very quickly in David that would give the team an even stronger edge and therefore created the perfect match for his role in the office and during events.

With David on your team, you will have someone that will do their best and never give up. His words to live by are “Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And when you stumble, keep faith. And, when you are knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.” — Hillary Clinton


Celebrating 6 years at Mixon, Brandy Harlan, brings over 16 years of wedding, event, and marketing experience to the department. A northern girl who grew up on a tobacco farm, she feels right at home around all the groves. Brandy has three very energetic boys, the oldest Ashton and Sean who is “the middle” and the bonus kiddo, Ethan. She’s married to a husband who makes her laugh, for over 12years. After planning a friend’s wedding in 2004, Brandy caught the wedding planning love bug herself and began her planning company on Anna Maria in 2005, planning many beach and destination weddings. Still today, word of mouth has followed her to Mixon where she gets to be a part of the planning process of the couple’s special day.

Brandy’s degrees in Fashion Design & Marketing, & Business Marketing, paired with God’s gift of ideas, makes her position at Mixon “a dream recipe for the perfect place to fulfill my creative bucket as well as be of service to couples.” “I feel like I’ve done so many things on this journey God has blessed me with, from working at an amusement park at 16 to running my own fashion shows, and traveling, it’s a great feeling to be welcomed in like family to the Mixon company”. Brandy’s favorite part of wedding day is fluffing the brides train as she takes her stroll towards her groom and seeing the look on his face as their eyes meet. “It’s just so dreamy, and emotional and raw. Truly different and amazing every time”. On her “off” time, Brandy can be found reading a good book, at a local coffee shop, socializing with everyone, because she has never met a stranger. Her favorite life quote which she lives by every day, is from Shakespeare “To thine own self be true”.


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Jen as we call her, is a rarity in the area, because she is born and raised in Bradenton Florida, not far from Mixon to be exact. Jen who is married and has 4 children, comes to Mixon having over 16 years of wedding experience, but was born with an eye for décor and design.

Jen’s background in graphic design and production management makes her super helpful when it comes to visualizing and making it work logistically. Her favorite wedding “trend” is décor done all the way. She loves helping brides bring their décor to the next level, even inexpensively, but carrying it all the way through the entire event in a way that is not over done.

At Mixon, we call her the Bow Whisperer, because her bows are ALWAYS perfect and uniform! As a hopeless romantic Jen’s favorite movie is “The Notebook”, and quote “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” When you visit on a weekend you can catch Jen coordinating, creating, and decorating with a big smile!